Monday, September 2, 2013

What's Happening?

Hello Friends,

I'm sure some of you are wondering either 'Where is the September Dress?' or 'When will you release the Fall collection'?

Well, here is the answer to both. I'm not sure. I am extremely busy on a living history project that I volunteer for in my home town, and haven't had the time (or energy) to devote to Doll Clothes of Yore. Rest assured, if you order a dress it will be sent to you on time. I simply haven't been able to concentrate on new designs, however, I hope that will change in the next few weeks.

I've also decided that 2014 will be different when it comes to releasing new designs. My business has been growing, and fabric is becoming increasingly unavailable or expensive. Instead of releasing large collections a few times a year, I will instead be focusing on more 'Special Editions'. However, I may keep the Monthly dress plan going, we shall see.

Thank you for your patience, and for learning with me as I find what Jesus wants for me and for 'Doll Clothes of Yore' in 2014.

Emily Marsh


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  2. You must have had a lot of clients by now, considering the fact that you have fewer inventory than before! I'd imagine demand in the doll clothing industry must be quite high these days. This approach of yours looks great, as you could focus on more bulk orders instead of going with custom-made dresses. This makes for a more sensible bottomline, and could further your audience even more. Though it would be nice to take in a custom job every once in a while. Good luck!

    Marites Son @ Social Media Unity