Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Special Edition 'Regency' Dress!

We have just released another 'Special Edition' Dress. What is a 'Special Edition' you ask?

Normally I am able to produce up to several dozen of a particular dress, but sometimes I find a fabric or trim in a smaller quantity. If I am not able to make more than 4 of a particular dress or design, I release it as a 'Special Edition' instead of including it in my seasonal collections. Once these 'Special Editions' are sold, they are gone for good. Sometimes I am able to reproduce the design in a different color or with a twist, but usually not.

So now you know why I have 'Special Editions' on my website. My latest is a dress inspired by a period painting of Josephine Bonaparte in her garden, 'Malmaison'. To learn more about the make of the dress and the history behind it, click here.

Monday, October 29, 2012

2012 Holiday Dress Released!

We have been busy getting ready for Christmas and the Winter 2012 Collection, but we have just managed to get the 2012 Holiday Dress out in time for those early Christmas shoppers!

It is our 'Queen Charlotte' Dress. It's a rich and elegant dress made with brocade, taffeta, lace, and all sorts of fancy trimmings!

Queen Charlotte was a German princess who married into the British Royal Family. Up until the 19th century, many Christmas traditions had not become popular in the English culture. Although Christmas Trees did not become popular until Queen Victoria's reign, Queen Charlotte is credited for bringing the very first Christmas Tree, a German tradition, into the royal family.

We thought the Queen Charlotte Dress was perfect for our 2012 Holiday Dress, and we hope you do too!

Also, the official release date for the Winter 2012 Collection is November 17th - right before the Thanksgiving Holiday! However, many of our new items are being quietly introduced ahead of time, so keep a lookout for new and exciting items!